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pcsx2 0.9.8 Free Download With BIOS

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Now a days Play stations cost more and people like me who don't have enough money cant buy one but love to play Ps2 games .If your in a similar situation you need not worry because you can still play Ps2 games and that to on your computer with a Ps2 emulator, Ps2 emulator is a small piece of software that allows us to run Ps2 games on PC  .So with PS2 emulator we can play ps2 games on PC and the best  part is that its all free! absolutely free . Follow the steps given below to Download Ps2 emulator

Things you Need :

PCSX2 :  PlayStation emulator which is required to play ps2 games on PC you can download the latest version of pcsx2 to from

Bios  : The BIOS Are Included In This package

How to Run Games on  PS2 Emulator :

1.  Configure the emulator For this you can refer from the official psx2 forum fromHere
2.  Get your Ps2 game discs ready, or make an ISO (using power ISO ) of them forfaster access
3.  Configure the cdvdrom plug in to point to those ISO/discs
4.   Then open File->Run CD/DVD .and start  playing your favourite Ps2 game on your PC 

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