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How to Lock Folders without any Software

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Want to hide your files and folders ? But don't want use software's which cost you? .Then your at the wright place . In this tutorial i will teach you How to Lock Folders without any Software . There are many ways to do it but best way is by using a CMD shell

How To Lock Folders Without Any Software 

1. First download the lock.txt from Here

2. To get the password Click Here

3. Now copy the code (lock.txt) in a note pad  and replace the " your password here" with your password you want to lock the folder 

4. Save the above file as BATCH file (something .bat). Choose any file name but make sure  that it ends with .bat

5. Now double click the the BATCH  file . It will create a new folder called ‘Locker’Now put all the files and folder you want to lock with in the locker folder

6. Now once again double click the the Batch file . It will ask weather to lock the folder Type yes (y) and
click enter

7. Now the folder locker will disappear and will be locked .To unlock it double click the batch file we created it will  ask  you for the password enter the password witch we created in  third step

Ok by this method we locked the folder successfully .but any won who knows a bit of  computing .can read the batch file using a note pad .So to make it safer  and give a professional touch follow the steps given below 

Giving A Professional Touch

1. To do it first download the batch to exe  file converter from Here

2. Now open the batch to exe  file converter and select the batch filewe created (Fourth step) . Now save  the file as something .exe .We can also password protect the exe file so that no one can  open it

3. That's it we have created our own folder lock program  without using any software

Hope you'll find this tutorial useful  .If you have any doubts please be free to comment  



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