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How To Hack Windows Xp, Win 7 or Vista's login Password !

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Today i'll show you howto, how do you log in to your friend s computer without knowing his/her admin login password. And this is one of the easiest way to hack or bypass any computer s admin login password.
                                                windows login hack
Let's start ! You just need some few stuff s to do this.
1.    A pendrive  and
2.    KONUSB software
Now follow this few steps:
1.    Download free KONUSB software from Here

KON USB boot

2.    Plug in your Pen drive into your Computer and double click on KONBOOTINSTALL.exe [cmd will be appeared] enter the drive letter of the USB & hit enter !

KON USB boot

Now your pendrive is ready to hack or bypass any windows admin login password.

3.    Insert the pen drive into the PC/Laptop whichever u want to hack, and boot via USB (using Pendrive).
That’s it.. Next press OK for everything … if it asks for password, leave blank and press OK!

Note: This KONUSB software won’t change the Password of the PC/Laptop whatever you hacked. It just bypass the password restriction. If u remove the Pendrive, and boot normally it’ll remains the same as it is password protected.

It works in All Operating systems including windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc.
100 % Working.
Do you have any Questions, comments or suggestions? Please feel free to leave a comment !
Happy Hacking Gooooooooooood Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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